Dr. Roxanne Gillett, PhD


Many of my past research experiences have concentrated on using molecular techniques to assess factors related to health and reproduction in endangered species. My formal training began at Dalhousie University where I obtained a BSc in Marine Biology (Honours, Co-op). After completing my honours project, I pursued a PhD with Dr. Bradley White at the Natural DNA Profiling ad Forensic Center at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario. During this time used molecular techniques to characterize major histocompatibility genes and performed pedigree analysis to assess factors affecting health and reproduction in the highly endangered North Atlantic right whale. After the completion of my PhD, I further developed my molecular skills during a postdoctoral fellowship at Trent University (under the supervision of Dr. Chris Kyle), and subsequent employment at Fisheries and Oceans Canada assessing major histocompatibility genes in wolverines and Atlantic salmon respectively.

In the fall of 2012, I obtained a position in the Bedard Lab as part of the Genome Canada funded research program “Identifying Genes and Novel Therapeutics to Enhance Treatment” (IGNITE). Here my focus has been discovering the underlying genetic mutations that cause rare heritable disorders in Atlantic Canadian families, including rare heritable forms of cancer. This experience has provided me with exposure to clinical research, has given me the opportunity to use my molecular expertise in this field, has strengthened my appreciation for the need to understand the underlying genetic mechanisms involved in the development and progression of cancer, and has resulted in me developing a strong interest in continuing to help unlock the genetic mystery of heritable forms of cancers.


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